Lands Sales Policy Tweaked

Posted on Thursday, January 11, 2018 12:32 PM

The town of Fort Frances will being taking an annual review of its land sale policy.

It's among recommendations put forward after a review of the policy led by the town's Economic Development Advisory Committee and accepted by town council this past week.

Local economic development consultant Tannis Drysale says they didn't recommend wholesale changes to the policy because sales have done well in the past.

"We've done really, really well selling industrial property lately," says Drysdale. "And that is in part because of the transitional economy that we are in right now, in part by some really good work done here at town hall and increased marketing efforts."

Three shovel ready lots are still on the market in the industrial area.

The price for lots is remaining at $3,500 an acre, but a development guarantee fee now becomes $10,000 an acre or per lot, which ever is the less.

Until now, the town required half that amount if only a half acre was being purchase.

Other recommendations put forward include making sure the sale of any land had an economic signifance to the town and that the land sales policy gets an annual review.